Recruitment Information

Now that you know about the Greek community, get ready to join. To help you with your Recruitment process, we have devised this step-by-step method on how to prepare for Recruitment:

Myths About Recruitment

Myth #1  "It costs thousands of dollars per semester to be in a Fraternity"

Most Fraternity dues cost $500-$800 per semester. This money goes toward the lodge, when applicable, property taxes, bills, insurance, philanthropic events and other programs that happen within the chapters.

Myth #2  "Hazing is a big part of Fraternity life"

Hazing is absolutely not tolerated at Texas Tech University. Hazing is a crime that will be reported directly to the university and the Texas Tech University Police Department. All fraternities’ national headquarters have strict policies that prohibit hazing to the point of disbandment of that chapter from Texas Tech University.

Myth #3  "People say that I am paying for my friends"

Joining a fraternity means that you get a chance to meet thousands of people that are involved in hundreds of different activities. You have the chance to gain knowledge, confidence and leadership through campus-wide activities. Fraternities offer a platform where young men can receive instructions and know how, from men who have already gone down the college road.

Myth #4  "Joining a Fraternity will lower my grades"

NOT TRUE! Students are the only ones who will affect their academic achievement. Fraternities offer opportunities for their members to achieve academically. Fraternities have some of the best scholarships programs at Texas Tech. There is a study hall program every week that allows new members to sit down and complete their studies. There are tutors available for anyone that is having trouble in a class or any other part of their academic life.

Recruitment Schedule

Saturday August 16th If you are living on campus, University Student Housing will be open and available for move-in. You will be staying here for the week. Also, be aware that hospitality (dining) locations do not open until Monday and you are on your own for food.
 Sunday August 17th- Mandatory Recruit meeting. This is the first event for Recruitment and will be held in the Allen Theater, Student Union Building and is mandatory for all recruits to attend. Dress is informal as you will not be meeting any of the fraternities at this time. IFC will go over the week long schedule of events and discuss what is expected from all participants.
 Monday August 18th and Tuesday August 19th- Bus Days  Recruits will be board buses as a group and visit with half of the IFC Chapters on each day, they will visit with the second half of the IFC chapters on the 2nd day.
 Wednesday August 20th and Thursday August 21st, Individual schedule days Recruits will visit with specific chapters based on mutual selection. Travel is not provided for these days.
 Friday August 22nd- Pref  Recruits will attend up to Two events this evening, these events are formal and a coat and tie would be appropriate.
 Saturday August 23rd- Bid Day  Recruits will meet with IFC for the final time as they make their selections and join fraternities. Location and time of this event will be given at the Mandatory meeting held on the 17th.

Rules of Recruitment

A. Eligibility:

Any male who is interested in going through rush, formal or informal, must be accepted to Texas Tech. He may not go through recruitment if he was accepted as a provisional student or is on academic probation. However, once a provisional student has completed at least 12 college credit hours at Texas Tech and has a cumulative G.P.A. at or over a 2.25 he may be allowed to go through recruitment. Any transfer student wanting to rush must have at least 12 college credit hours and a 2.5 transfer G.P.A. The Interfraternity Council reserves the right to ask for official transcripts from transfer students to verify G.P.A

B. General Regulations:

  1. All University regulations will apply during Formal Recruitment Week.
  2. Drinking alcoholic beverages during the week of recruitment is not allowed under any circumstances! Drinking alcoholic beverages with any active member of a fraternity is considered a major rush violation. If a recruit is found in violation of the IFC Recruitment regulation governing the use of alcohol, he will be removed from recruitment and subject to the penalty of not being allowed to pledge any fraternity until the Spring 2015 semester.
  3. During the week of Recruitment, recruits are not permitted to visit any establishment, which serves alcohol (i.e.: bars, clubs, etc.), unless an official supervised Recruitment event is schedule at the location, all these events can be found in your Recruitment Packet. Use of Alcohol is prohibited during Recruitment week, any recruit seen in alcohol serving establishment unsupervised will be expelled from recruitment without refund and will not be able to pledge any fraternity until Spring 2015. This will be monitored by IFC.
  4. provided nametags must be worn at all times during recruitment activities.
  5. Dirty Recruitment. "Dirty Recruitment" is defined as any action detrimental to a fraternity, group of fraternities, or the Interfraternity Council. Specific examples include, but are not limited to the following:
    • "Bad-mouthing" another group, i.e., through implication, giving false information, etc.
    • Giving/receiving an oral bid, or handing a bid, prior to the IFC designated time. Starting from the end of the last semester, to the next formal bid time.
    • Undue pressure on a rushee to join.
    • Pressuring a recruit to go “suicide” (dropping all fraternities except one).
    • Coming into contact with any member of any fraternity outside of the scheduled recruitment function in any way (person, phone, mail, or any other means) during IFC Formal Recruitment, exempting personal contact during official parties will result in the penalty of not being allowed to pledge any fraternity until the Spring 2015.
    • Violating any IFC Recruitment Regulation for the purpose of getting a rushee to join.
    • Any other act deemed by the IFC Judicial Board or Recruitment Director as "Dirty Recruitment."
  6. If a recruit is found in violation of the IFC Recruitment Regulations, including but not limited to the use of alcohol, missing rush parties without prior notice to the IFC Recruitment Director, found committing criminal acts or violating any campus policy, he will be subject to the penalty of not being able to pledge any fraternity until the start of the next semester.

C. Withdraw From Recruitment:
Any recruit who drops out of recruitment once the week has begun, will not be allowed to accept a bid for 90 days after the last day of recruitment.

Recruitment Tips

BE YOURSELF. There is nothing more important than being yourself during recruitment. You’ll end up with right fraternity for you, and you will be happy with your decision.

Evaluate each fraternity carefully. It is important to make an individual decision about which fraternities you will focus on during recruitment.

Take your time. Joining a fraternity is a lifelong commitment. Be sure that the fraternity that has given you a bid is one you will be happy with. You do not have to accept a bid right away. Whenever you visit the fraternities, take a look around and ask yourself “Are these the people I want to associate myself with?”

Ask questions. Make sure all your questions are sufficiently answered. Some questions you might want to ask are:
What is your membership education period like? What is its purpose?
What are the time and financial commitments involved in joining a fraternity?
What are the grade requirements?
What are some of your social activities?
What makes your fraternity unique?
How many men did you pledge last year, and how many did you initiate?
Do you have study halls?
Do you have any student leaders?
Does your chapter make good grades?

Remember what you join is essentially who you associate with. So, if it is a fraternity that uses flamboyant and pretentious tactics to impress recruits then you may wish to look eleswhere!

ASK YOURSELF THIS: Am I doing this for me or for someone else? For example your sister’s boyfriend, your dad, your brother, your friends from high school, your girlfriend, your best friend, your roommate, your neighbor, your uncle-ETC! YOU SHOULD JOIN A FRATERNITY THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU! AFTER ALL YOU ARE THE ONE JOINING IT!